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July 22, 2006



Grandkids? I thought you were about 30 in your photo! I'm reading that book too. Lots of food for thought.


Sounds like a great time. My boys accompanied me this morning, as per our usual Saturday morning routine, to a few farmer's markets. A food education can never start to young. Glad you are reading the Omnivore's Dilemma. I'll never look at a field of corn the same way!


Let's just rewind that again? You have two grand kids? Whoa! You look so young to be a grandmother! Just looking at your photo on the side bar, i'd say, you're in the age range between 30-35!

They look like great kids and beautiful too :)


Thanks guys, but I am 51 -- plenty old enough to be the grandma of these darling girls though in fact they are my stepdaughter's kids. The picture was taken a couple of years ago at my 30th high school reunion -- I must have been feeling young at heart.

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