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January 03, 2007



I too struggle with writing every day and hope to do better in 2007. Sometimes it's just hard writing a post without passion, I suppose.

Have a great year and look forward to more frequent posts.


What a terrifically appetizing holiday you had! Happy 2007 to you and your family and I look forward to reading about all of your adventures in the new year.

Sara W.

Sounds like a delicious holiday! I got a fabulous vegetarian cookbook for Christmas and Katie got the CIA's textbook cookbook so she and I have spent break cooking (and eating) up a storm! Too bad we didn't have all that Florida sunshine for extra seasoning! Hope to see you around this semester!

The County Clerk

Just keep doing what you are doing... and for the love of God, send me some food.

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

You're worth the wait!

And there is nothing quite like Gulf shrimp...I'd forgotten how superior they are to the flavorless ones we get in NY...so sweet and briny indeed. One of those things you take for granted growing up on the Gulf Coast.


Wow, love looking at the fresh spring and summery food. We're a loooong way from that here. We hit the East Coast for the holidays and, aside from all the down-home meals, the thing we enjoyed most was the deliciously unseasonable weather they're having this year.

Alex Bachnick

Dear Fellow Foodie!

I am a MN food photographer and I found your site by Googling Blue Plate Special. I also have a BPS--mine is a Turkey on the grill recipe w/ popcoran and brandy stuffing.
Easy on the Brandy!!!

Susan at Food "Blogga"

As a newcomer to food blogging, I can relate. Getting excited about so many story and recipe ideas can take on a life of its own! As long as you're having fun and you have people who enjoy your site--which you clearly do-- then it's a good thing. Best wishes for 2007 to be all you want it to be.


One of my pet peeves is bloggers who, feeling compelled to post every day, throw up posts that basically say, "I have nothing to write about today." My advice? Write when you have something to say, however frequently or infrequently that is. And keep those luscious food photos coming!

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