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March 22, 2007



Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts on this topic. While I have strong food preferences, I've always advocating a range of what is available to us, using the "local first, then sustainable/organic" principle. Some days it looks like vegetarianism, some days it looks like steak city, but it is all about finding the balance that's right for you. It's the labels we put on ourselves that are dangerous.


I too am glad that you didn't move to Austin and/or toss your computer out the window.

Lydia before me stole my words I had ready about labels. As living, vibrant creatures who are mostly water and possess a brain that we only use a small portion of, labels just don't work. Who we feel we are in one moment may change the next. Humans are just way too complex for labels on any particular area. Just be open and ready for the experience. I really love reading your posts and how honestly you share yourself with your readers. That makes for a very interesting blog and I selfishly hope that you continue to narrate your culinary journey with us!

The County Clerk

Ha! Be a flexitarian or whatever... just keep tellin' us about it darlin! You got me reading "food blogs" and then you shut me down! Personally, I could not imagine a life without meat but completely respect your natural right to eat whatever you want... or not. Of course, I'm probably terrifically unhealthy and will, no doubt, be dead soon. So... again... I don't have this kind of time between posts! : )

Welcome back.

melissa mcgee

flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, carnivore, ovo-lacto-blah blah blah... as long as you're eating what you like, the labels don't really matter.
for years, i struggled with vegetarianism and veganism for the love of animals and my rabid need to stand for *something*, and i would go through what i now call "vegetarian phases" - starting out as a vegetarian, then evolving into a vegan (misery for a true carnivore). this would last for 2-3 years until i would snap and in a moment of desperation, i would order the steak or buy the chicken at the grocery. i've done this about 4-5 times in my adult life, but have finally given up the notion that i might one day be a good little vegan. honestly, i don't eat all that much meat - it's hardly ever in my shopping cart at the grocery, but it sure is nice to allow myself that option should i see a lovey tenderloin or a juicy t-bone at the butcher. i just like meat too much to swear it off for good.

do what your body wants and i think you can't go wrong. but sister, i understand your dilemma!

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

Who knew? You were so excited about milk-braised carnitas I would have never guessed you didn't eat meat. But I agree with the others, labels are silly. Just do what makes you happy and do what makes you feel like you're being responsible to both your body and your community. It's funny, the one time I labeled myself a vegetarian, I balked at the choice, lamenting every bite. But once I removed that shackle, I realized that while I don't often eat meat, it's nice to have the choice without getting wrapped up in guilt. And yes, bacon is indeed an honorary vegetable!

Christine (myplateoryours)

Hey folks, thanks for these comments. These are all more thought-provking for me than the usual recipe or travel post comments and you won't have heard the last of me on it, I am sure.

For now I'll just say that it isn't the labels I am getting hung up on so much as the identity implications. I do an exercise with the kids in my class called "If we are what we eat, who are you?" Guess I am just trying to figure out who I am in light of the fact that I ate nearly a pound of bacon on Sunday.

I had a bacon hangover yesterday. Really. Who the hell is this woman?


I havent eaten red meat( but I eat chicken and pork) in over 15yrs. Since moving to the country, its now even hard for me to eat pork because I see pigs all the time. Cows too and I couldnt even imagine eating them. They are just too darn cute!! I'm curious, did you get sick at all after eating your first steak?

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