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May 21, 2007



My brother-in-law's father was a commercial fisherman and he/they would do the most wonderful smoked fish. This sure sounds like it would give that a run for its money!

The County Clerk

It is definately THAT time of year. This looks good. Thanks


I didn't know about soaking it in some sort of flavored brine. I need to try that next time.
Smoked mullet dip looks amazing. But the big question: how many points on WW?

Ed Bruske

Got the smoker, now to get some fish. Thanks for that post. A good idea.

christine (myplateoryours)

Hi Alanna -- if they made a living from fish, they probably know how to do it right. Any idea how they did it?

It is THAT time of year, Hank. Sun, sand, water and fish.

With light mayo, Ronnie, not as many points as you'd think. It's not as rich, but that's not a bad thing in my book. The brining is a good step. My brother-in-law brines salmon and then coats it in brown sugar before he smokes it. It's heavenly (but of course he lives in Oregon and buys wonderful salmon, too.)

Let's hear about it when you do, Ed!


Um. Would you believe it? Thanks to the inspiration of this post ONLY YESTERDAY, I'm now the proud owner of a smoker and have already had my first lesson: shrimp and scallops and trout and all WONDERFUL. On to vegetables ... : -0)

christine (myplateoryours)

Alright, Alanna! Waiting the smoked vegetable reports!

T.W. Barritt

I had no idea you could do this at home :-)

I'm going to check this out and see what I can come up with!


I have a book called Preserved which has lots of home smoking recipes in it - how I envy you for having lots of local fish! It is so expensive where we are (UK). But my favourite smoked fish of all is Eel. So delicious! Look forward to reading more of your smoking adventures!

christine (myplateoryours)

TW, yup, this is something you can definitely try at home. But it's addictive, be careful. It's amazing the things you can decide might taste good smoked.

Freya, checked our local fish shop for eel, but it doesn't seem to be a Florida thing. I remember seeing lots of smoked eel when we lived in England, though.

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