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July 22, 2007


Homesick Texan

You've done your job well because your blog is making me want to take a trip to Indiana! There's a huge display right now for Popcorn, Indiana flavored popcorn at my local Whole Foods--is that a big deal there?


A wonderful birthday celebration! How nice to find a place that has lush accommodations, great food, and a commitment to local sourcing. I'll make a note of this one.


That old-time potato chip place looks like fun. I think the best snack foods are the regional ones that somehow have survived against Frito-Lay and Wise.


hi - i'm another indiana food blogger (though my cooking is a bit more...rustic), and i just wanted to say hi. i'm looking forward to seeing the book!

Ronnie at Around the Table

Love the pics. You are good! Sounds like there was no way Jer could complain about this evening. Golf and single malt scotch another time will be a bonus.

Christine (myplateoryours)

Popcorn is huge here, Lisa. Where do you think Orville hailed from?

I know, Lydia, things don't usually come together so well. Birthday karma.

Did you see the NY Times piece on regional potato chips, Susan? It ran a couple of weeks ago.

Kelly, where in Indiana are you? Rustic is good.

He didn't complain, Ronnie. It was a great birthday. But the call of golf and scotch is strong....


i'm in bloomington. a transplant from the west coast.

Ellis Hollow

20 years ago, my flight out of Terre Haute was canceled (after I turned in my rental car) and so my choices of cuisine that night were limited by how far I wanted to walk from the hotel. That's where I came up with this rule of thumb: When visiting a state that starts with the letter I, never go for the all-you-can-eat seafood special.


Looking forward to your book.

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