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August 26, 2007


Robyn M.

Oh Oh OH! You are never going to believe this--I just shoved into the fridge the FRESH CHEVRE I made from the goats I've been milking ALL WEEK LONG for a friend of mine! Oooo... watermelon & chevre, here I come... btw, at Cafe Provencal in St. Louis we had a wonderful version of this salad that featured, I believe, a sweetened olive oil as dressing--total yum.

Also, I finally did that sermon on food issues at my church last week to a great reception. It's posted on my blog if'n ya wanna see it, although it's quite inappropriate for a class, I think. I got quite a bit of interest in Slow Foods, though! May be a convivium in the offing here after all!


Both look sooo light and refreshing!!


Lovely photo of the salad, and of course I would love this because there's goat cheese and tarragon! What more do you need?


I've got a watermelon in the frig just waiting for this gazpacho. I'm psyched.


I am so going to be making that salad. Thanks Christine!


The watermelon gazpacho looks divine, especially on this very hot evening in Rhode Island. Must be sure to try that before summer ends....


What cool recipes, as pretty as they are refreshing! Now I'm going to have to go out for watermelon - I have everything else!

Patricia Scarpin

Christine, I love the idea of having watermelon on a salad!

Susan from Food Blogga

Lovely recipes, Christine, though I'm especially drawn to the salad; it must be as delicious as it is beautiful. I just posted a watermelon salad a couple of weeks ago with olives in it, and now I'll be trying yours with goat cheese.
I also posted about grilled watermelon today and linked to this post. We gotta make as watermelon dishes as we can before they're gone! :)

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