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November 22, 2007


Deborah Dowd

Too much food is just as much a Thanksgiving tradition as the turkey and stuffing! I was on business travel last week too and T-day just snuck up on me, I feel like I just now got to sit down!
Hope you had a great day!


Small Thanksgiving meals for two are the norma among our friends this year, too. It was nice, and a change from the 20-30 who are often at our table.

Ed Bruske

I would love to taste that turkey


you're welcome! i became overly concerned that mine wasn't going to turn out, so i just used it for the dressing...and nearly spoiled my dinner eating the last quarter loaf while cooking. it was a little salty, but perfect with unsalted butter. yum.


Those memories must have been like a warm blanket of comfort.

Sorry I haven't visited recently, everytime I check the feed for your blog I keep getting a message that it cannot update :(


A meal like this is a great way to be rewarded after too many hours driving around. Scrumptious.

Sarah A.

I agree wholeheartedly -- Matt and Mandy's birds beat the heck out of the Broad Breasted Beasts we've had in the past. Even without a brine (which I've just got to try next time-- it sounds so good!), the meat had fabulous flavor and texture without being gamy or dry.

Susan from Food Blogga

We had four at our house this year. Yours looks lovely. I hope you're doing well.

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