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November 18, 2007



How lucky you are to have such a wonderful market nearby!


We love the Goose! I just picked up our fresh turkey from them on Monday. They had made gravy and cranberry relish so I bought some of that as well. Chris was going to make oyster stuffing that night so we had to go back on Tuesday to buy some of that.

They make great sandwiches too. My favorite is The Batali and my wife's is The Goose.

Wonderful meats and cheeses. We're so glad to have a local outlet for Capriole. No more need to mail order the Old Kentucky Tome! Chris's salmon pastrami is amazing.

Making soup? They have homemade beef stock available. Ice cream from H2O Sushi and gelatos are also a must.

Just a great place!

Lori D

Hey Christine,

Thought of you when I saw this post about makin' bacon



Sarah A.

Went to Goose last weekend and my mind was blown. FYI -- they have a "super secret" not-on-the-menu sampler plate for $10 a person. I came in around lunch time and saw some regulars snacking on a variety of lovelies Chris had artistically placed atop a wood paddle. I REALLY recommend trying one out first thing when you enter the store. It lets you try a sampling of the chartucerie and cheese before you make any "big decisions"(and, at least for me, ensures that I don't shop with an appetite, which generally means trouble for my wallet and waistline).


OMG we LOVE the Goose Market!!!!
it's heaven on earth

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