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December 27, 2007



Sounds like wonderful feasting -- and wonderful holidays -- at your house. For us it was sweet potato latkes, vegetarian lasagna, and lots of salads. And chocolate. Happy New Year to you and your family.


My mouth was watering at the description of your Christmas dinner, and I don't even like shrimp!


Tell Jer to check out the schedule of events at Avenue C. Wines of Oregon tasting in April. Would be fun to meet you there...and can't wait to try Farm. Sounds like we would love it.

Susan from Food Blogga

Oh, enjoy your break, Christine, savoring every moment and morsel.


Farm opened for lunch yesterday, and Kathleen and I went today. Had excellent soups (butternut and vegetable noodle)and very good salmon wrap and okay turkey/cheese panini-type sandwich.

Then went to Bluboy for a caramel and coffee, and got to taste the pistachio macarons that David is working on. He's not satisfied with them yet, but it was a damned good cookie!

I envy you all of the fresh seafood you've been eating.

Sarah A.

The seafood Christmas dinner sounds amazing. We had Christmas at my caterer aunt and ex-Southewestern restauranteur uncle's house. I brought a Yegerlehner standing rib roast, Uncle Tim made amazing turkey mole, plus sides, which all amounted to just way too much food.


Sounds luscious, Lydia. We are taking a leaf out of your book for our New Years celebration and having a First Light morning instead of a gala the night before.

You don't like shrimp, Christie??? Have you had a shrimp fresh from the gulf? Might change your mind. :)

So, Ronnie, when are you coming to B'ton?

And same to you, Susan! Sounds like some serious savoring is going on over there too.

Cindy, I agree -- David's pistachio macaroons are great. I wonder what he is tweaking?

I love that you carted a Swiss Connection roast all the way home, Sarah! Good for you! Uncle Tim sounds like a good guy to have in the family!

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I seriously need to get a lazy hideaway on the Gulf Coast, but for now I'll just enjoy the slow life through your eyes. Happy New Year, Christine!

Ed Bruske

your food & politics class must have lots to chew on these days

Rebekah F

Thanks for exposing your students to our beef. I think the best way to taste the difference of grassfed beef is trying a hamburger. The fat contains the grass flavor and most of the health benefits.

Sahara Mart only wants to stock fresh beef and pork, so they get about a quarter of a beef whenever we harvest an animal. Look for fresh pork January 10th at Sahara Mart.

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